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    Our impact

    Lawai Site Blessing
    Our impact

    We work like we live in our local communities… because we do

    Our communities depend on us to deliver safe, reliable energy, but we also want to be a good neighbor. Our people live and work in our local communities and ensure we’re working together to realize a sustainable social, economic and environmental future. We partner with farmers, hospitals, universities, cities, youth programs and more to ensure our communities can see a happier, healthier future coming to life right before their eyes. Because at the end of the day, we care about generating positive and long-lasting impact in the communities.


    See the impact we’re making together with our communities.

    People around banner
    Capacity Building and Technical Training for Local Youth

    When AES arrived in Colón in 2016, it faced many social challenges. One of the biggest problems was the unemployment rate, in particular the youth unemployment rate which had soared to 48%. That's why the AES team implemented the “Preparandome con Energia” program to develop technical skills, improve the living conditions and increase access to better opportunities for local youth; in alignment with UNSDG 4 and 8 (Quality education and Decent Work & Economic Growth).

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    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
    Competitive Funds

    Competitive Funds is a social program that aims to fund different projects that contribute towards the social and economic development of the community. This initiative was done in response to the high unemployment rate in the province and the many small businesses and potential entrepreneurs that existed, in line with UNSDG 8.

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    Jaguar in forest
    Jaguar Protection Program

    AES Panamá is supporting the conservation of wildcats in Panamá, in alliance with Yaguara Panama Foundation through their project “Conservation of wildcats and prey species through public-private partnerships and human-jaguar conflict management in Panamá." This project is supported by the GEF (Global Environmental Facility) and other private companies, in support of UNSDG 15 to protect life on land and halt biodiversity loss.

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    Isla galeta
    Mangrove Restoration

    AES has restored 5.4 hectares of mangroves in the Island of Galeta, a protected area in Panamá. In order to fulfill the environmental compensation of the Colón project, in compliance with IFC principles, and in line with UNSDG 15 to protect life on land. This reforestation and restoration of mangroves is designed under the "like-for-like or better" principle.

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    Fire Dept
    COVID-19 Solidarity Campaign

    In face of the public health crisis taking place in Panamá and in the world, AES Panamá launched a series of solidarity actions aimed at supporting local institutions in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and the vulnerable communities impacted by virus.

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