It’s our people that make AES a great place to work

AES people around the world share a passion for improving lives and creating a greener, smarter energy future. With their innovative spirit and commitment to our values, our people are working around the clock with our stakeholders to create award-winning energy solutions.


Meet the people working together to accelerate the future of energy.

Eliecer Ortiz

Since the arrival of the pandemic, AES people have searched for new ways of working safely and effectively, ensuring that AES’ business continues without missing a beat. All of us have had to adapt to “the new normal.” Eliecer Ortiz at AES Panamá has been a leader in reinforcing COVID-19 safety practices at the Changuinola facility.

Daniela Jiménez

Daniela has two degrees, one in Commercial Engineering from Universidad Interamericana de Panamá and another one in Electromechanics Engineering from Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá. She joined the AES Panamá team in the year 2020 as one of the trainees for the program Energy4Talent, supporting diverse areas of the company sharing her knowledge. 


Nitbelle Aizprúa

Nitbelle studied Electromechanics Engineering in Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá, after that she specialized with a graduate degree in Higher Management and has a master’s degree in Evaluation and Design of Projects from the Universidad del Istmo de Panamá. 


Cristina Cabrera

Cristina studied Environmental Engineering in Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá, as well as Journalism and Corporate Social Responsibility Diplomate from Universidad Especializada de las Americas, and additionally she earned a Diplomate in Safety and Occupational Health from Universidad Tecnológica de Panama. 

Gilberto Toro

Gilberto studied Administration, Popular Education and Social Investigation at Universidad de Santa María la Antigua in Panamá, additionally he holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Tourism.

Yessenia Quintero 

Yessenia holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting, an MBA in Finance, and additionally a Diploma course in NIIF from the School of Accountants of Panamá. She joined the AES team in 2016. 


Osman Acosta

Osman studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the Technological University of Panamá. He joined the AES team in 2008. Since then, Osman has worked in the maintenance area, guaranteeing the optimal functioning of the equipment for the timely generation of energy.

Diversity, inclusion & belonging

At AES, we believe respecting all backgrounds, differences and perspectives enables us to improve the lives of our people, customers, suppliers, contractors and the communities in which we live, work and serve. We believe an inclusive environment where people show empathy and work together to innovate and co-create solutions benefits society, our stakeholders and our business. We believe the strength of an organization and its sustainability comes through diversity, inclusion and belonging. 

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