In addition to social impact projects, charitable donations may be made for specific situations or events, which must not exceed 20% of the Foundation’s budget.

All charitable donations must comply with the national and international laws and regulations, such as the United States Foreign Corruption Practices Act and must be consistent with The AES Corporation’s Ethics & Compliance program.

The criteria for donating or sponsoring an event can be given as checks or bank transfers, but preferably in-kind articles (either new or used) or service paid for by AES Panamá.

The decision whether to grant the donation will be at the discretion of the Corporate Affairs Department, provided that the donation itself is aligned with the Foundation’s lines of action.

Donation request form

Please complete this form so that we can evaluate your request in accordance with our Donation Policy. In addition to this form, you must send a letter of request and a quote to

Information about the Applicant Organization
Is the organization registered? Does it have a Tax Identification Number (RUC), Resolution from the Tax Authority / Ministry of Government?
Information about the program or project for which funds are being requested
Which of the AES Panamá Foundation's pillars does the program or project contribute to?
Program beneficiaries
Applicant Information