Jaguar Conservation Project

The AES Panama Foundation is supporting the conservation of wild cats in Panama, in partnership with the Yaguará Panama Foundation through its project "Conservation of wild cats and prey species through public-private partnerships and management of human-jaguar conflicts in Panama" .

This project has the support of the GEF (Global Environment Fund) and other private companies, in line with SDG 15 to protect the life of terrestrial ecosystems and stop the loss of biodiversity

Mangrove-Planting Project

The AES Panama Foundation has planted 5.4 hectares of mangroves on Isla Galeta, a protected area in Panama, to comply with the environmental compensation of the Colón project, in compliance with IFC principles, and in line with SDG 15 to protect life in ecosystems terrestrial. This reforestation was designed under the principle of "like-for-like or better". We are working alongside our ally, Wetlands International.

Learning values through sports 

We have always supported national sports. We believe children and young adults can learn important values such as leadership, perseverance, team work and  dedication. We have sponsored both regional teams and small community leagues.

Christmas Solidarity Program

Every year our  AES Volunteers collect toys  for children from our neighboring communities. A small Christmas party is also organized by the volunteers, where they  play with the children and teach them about AES values. 

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Program

In 2020, most of our efforts were focused on supporting the relief of the needs of our neighboring communities by the COVID-19 pandemic through donations of food, cleaning supplies and personal protection kits - amounting to a total contribution of B./ 782,899.04, benefitting more than 52,000 people.

Firefighter Donation and Training Program

Safety has always been our first value.; for which we can always count on our allies in the Panamanian firfighter departments to help us in our mission of accelerating the future of energy; together. This is why we have a constant Donation and Training Program for both Colón and Panama City firefighter stations because of the honorable work they serve their communities. We are constantly making donations in order to improve their respective stations, as well as trainings on safety and relevant topics such as the handling of GNL.