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    The AES Corporation is a Fortune 500 global power company that operates on four continents.

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    Want to know how we accelerate the future of energy for everyone?


    We call it global x local.


    You might hear other companies say they are both global and local. At AES, it’s true for us in a way that’s impossible for others to claim.  

    We are the only US-based global power company in the world, which gives us a unique set of knowledge to develop and deliver unique energy solutions.  

    Our deep local roots mean that we are completely integrated and invested in the communities where we work. We respect and understand the local culture to deliver greener energy solutions in the way that makes the best sense for each community. 

    Our global reach means we have the ability and responsibility to develop and deliver new solutions, and to do so at scale. We share the experiences we have so that we can bring innovation and a broader range of solutions from one market to another. 

    AES PanamaAES Panama is a power company accelerating the future of energy. Since the beginning of its operations in the country in 1999, the company has invested USD $2,540 Million. AES Panama owns and operates 1,141 MW of power generation facilities in Panama. The company delivers on its commitment of improving lives by developing greener, smarter, and more sustainable infrastructure and energy solutions that the country needs. Through these efforts, AES Panama has reduced the emission of approximately 16 million tons of CO2. Our diverse workforce is committed to continuous innovation and operational excellence, while partnering with our customers on their strategic energy transitions and continuing to meet their energy needs today.

    Our assets

    Planta Bayano


    • Fuel: Hydroelectric
    • Gross MW: 260 MW
    • COD: 1976
    • Location: 80 Km from Panama City

    Located 80 km from Panama City, this hydroelectric plant utilizes the water from the Bayano River. It is also known as “Ascanio Villalaz,” a name given in honor of the director who lead the construction of the project from 1972 to 1976 under the former Institute for Hydraulic and Electric Resources.

    Units 1 and 2 started operations in July and October 1976, both with 75 MW. In November 2002, Unit 3 started operations, adding 86 MW as part of the expansion and improvements made to the power plants acquired by AES. AES also repowered Units 1 and 2 to 87MW in September 2002 and February 2004.

    • Approximate storage volume: 27,000 million square meters
    • Dam Area: 350 km2 (35,000 Ha.)
    • Operating levels:
    • Max.: 62.05 msnm
    • Mín.: 50.00 msnm


    • Fuel: Hydroelectric
    • Gross MW: 222 MW in total (La Estrella 47.2 MW, Los Valles 54.8 MW and Estí 120 MW)
    • COD: Los Valles and la Estrella (1979) Estí (2003)
    • Location: Province of Chiriqui - Panama

    Chiriqui Hydroelectric Complex includes three hydro plants: La Estrella, Los Valles and Estí. In operation, the plants form a waterfall connected by a series of channels, pipes, tunnels and dams.

    The process starts in the water intake at Caldera. The water is used to generate energy. Los Valles uses the water that comes out from La Estrella and Los Valles River. The water that comes out of Los Valles fall into the Chiriqui River and is directed to the Barrigón Dam, which stores water from other hydros and streams. From this dam, the water passes through the Estí plant to generate electricity and then flows into Estí River.

    Hidro Changuinola


    • Fuel: Hydroelectric
    • Gross MW: 223 MW
    • COD: 2011
    • Location: Province of Bocas del Toro - Panama

    Also known as “Ñe Oguo Kri”, meaning “big river” in nägbe language, this plant is located in the protected forest of Palo Seco. Changuinola utilizes the waters from the Changuinola and Culubre Rivers. With an installed capacity of 223 MW and an investment of USD $650 Million, this plant was constructed between 2007 and 2011.

    Changuinola has two Francis type 107 MW generation units with a vertical axis. The units were baptized as Heidi and Oswaldo by the workers of the contractor in charge of construction. Both units were synchronized with the national grid on September 5 and October 3, marking Changuinola's commencement of commercial operations.

    Changuinola generates an additional 9.9 MW with a mini hydro that utilizes the flow of the waters used by the main hydro and deposits them back into the Changuinola River.

    One of the main challenges in the construction of Changuinola and its dam was the mobilization and resettlement of three indigenous communities from the nägbe group: Changuinola arriba, Charco La Pava and Valle del Rey, and an agricultural area known as Guayabal. The resettlement engaged the communities with meetings, hearings and individual negotiations. All beneficiaries defined their new houses, yards and agricultural areas. The families were also compensated for any impact they faced.


    • Fuel: LNG
    • Gross MW: 381 MW
    • COD: 2018 (Power Plant) and 2019 (LNG Hub)
    • Location: Province of Colon - Panama
    • Storage Tank: 180,000 m3

    In 2016, AES started the construction of the first LNG fired power plant in Panama and Central America, with at investment if USD $1,150 Million in partnership with Inversiones Bahía. Inversiones Bahía holds 49% ownership in the company.

    This project was strategically built to be able to not only meet the growing energy demands of the country, but also to guarantee a steady and resilient supply using a safer and cleaner fuel. Since beginning operations in July 2018, Colón eliminated more than 100 tons of CO2 emissions and generated savings of more than USD $ 90 Million compared to the import and generation of electricity through traditional fossil fuels.

    Colón uses a technology of combined cycle to achieve a higher efficiency and less environmental impact. It reuses the gases released from the turbines to obtain steam that is later used to move an additional turbine. It is 50% more efficient and requires one third of the water from traditional plants.

    The project included the construction of a storage tank with 180,000m3 of capacity for LNG, a terminal for boats between 3,000 m3 y 160,000 m3, a regasification terminal and a truck loading station for LNG distribution.

    The LNG hub enables other energy companies to use LNG to fire their own existing thermoelectric power plants or build new ones to meet the energy demand that increases 4% per year. The benefits extend beyond Panama as the LNG can be transported to the Central American region which now has access to this fuel for the first time.

    AES Colón
    AES Eólico Penonomé

    Eólica Penonomé

    • Fuel: Wind
    • Gross MW: 55 MW
    • COD: 2013, acquired by AES in 2020.
    • Location: Province of Cocle - Panama
    • Turbiness: 22x Goldwind 109/2500, 90 meters tower
    • Wind resource: 27.5% NCF

    In May 2020, AES Panama acquired the 55 MW Penonomé I wind farm from Goldwind Americas. This acquisition helps strengthen and diversify the portfolio of AES in Panama through the integration of renewable energy and reaffirms our commitment to the country.

    The wind project, located in the Cocle Province on Panama’s southern coast, is comprised of 22 Goldwind GW109/2500 permanent magnet direct-drive turbines. The facility has been operating since 2014 on a 300-hectare field and creates 20 direct and indirect jobs.

    5B Colón

    • Fuel: Solar
    • Gross MW: 2 MW
    • COD: January 2021
    • Location: Province of Colon - Panama

    In 2020, AES announced a strategic investment in 5B, a solar technology innovator based in Sydney, Australia. 5B's revolutionary MAVERICK design enables customers to add solar resources at a pace that is three times faster while providing up to two times more energy within the same footprint of traditional solar facilities. Together, AES and 5B will help clients accelerate their use of solar energy.

    As part of this investment, Colón was chosen as one of the first sites to deploy 5B, in a fast track project of 2 MW. The project was successfully completed in only 3 weeks and it consists of 62 structures of 80 prewired and pre-assembled modules. This is the 1st 5B project executed outside of Australia.

    5B Colon
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