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    Mangrove Restoration

    Isla galeta
    Mangrove Restoration

    Project name:


    Mangrove Restoration

    Project location: 


    Isla Galeta, Colon, Panama


    Sub-focus area: 



    Did you know that Panama has the largest variety of mangroves of all the countries in America? According to the Ministry of the Environment, there are 12 species of mangroves in our country, among which the black mangrove, white mangrove, red mangrove, and piñuelo mangrove stand out.        

    Every July 26, with the International Day of Mangroves, UNESCO highlights the importance of caring for these ecosystems that contribute to well-being, food security and the protection of the coasts.

    From the AES Panama Foundation, we contribute to the reforestation of mangroves through our reforestation projects on Isla Galeta, Colón, where 6.2 hectares of mangroves have been reforested.



    5.4 hectares on mangrove restored that support the preservation of the species that are present in these ecosystems



    Wetlands International and Ministry of Environment


    CLP-2614 ISLA GALETA (1)
    CLP-2632 ISLA GALETA (1)
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