Eliecer Ortiz

AES Panamá

Since the arrival of the pandemic, AES people have searched for new ways of working safely and effectively, ensuring that AES’ business continues without missing a beat. All of us have had to adapt to “the new normal.” Eliecer Ortiz at AES Panamá has been a leader in reinforcing COVID-19 safety practices at the Changuinola facility.

“By complying with health regulations, we protect all AES people and contractors,” Eliecer said. “This allows us to maintain business continuity and ensure energy service to the entire country, which is especially critical due to the pandemic.”

Eliezer notes that COVID has transformed the way he and his colleagues in Panama work. But, through helpful COVID-related initiatives instituted by AES, he says he and all AES people have the tools to keep our people, contractors, customers, and his community safe.

“The pandemic has been an experience that no one could have been completely prepared for, but we are all learning to adapt and manage change,” he said. “Every day is a new beginning and an opportunity to continue to improve. We must be aligned, focused and always united even though we can’t be physically close."