Osman Acosta

Electric Maintenance Leader

Osman studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá. He joined the AES team in 2008. Since then, Osman has worked in the maintenance area, guaranteeing the optimal functioning of the equipment for the timely generation of energy.

Osman has been growing in the organization, his contributions and support have allowed him to develop professionally, achieving positions where he has been able to exert his leadership.

“I value the opportunities that the company offers me, and an example of that has been my participation in the Leadership Coaching Program. The experience and knowledge gained in this process has been of great value to my career. This has helped me see the vision of leadership with a different perspective and make decisions to improve my development and better my performance in my professional career and personal life; they have also given me the important tools to achieve great accomplishments, understand my mission and the legacy that I want to leave as a professional and human being.”