Built in Changuinola in 2016, the purpose of the station is the study, reproduction and repopulation of marine fauna that is present in the Changuinola river. The station is the first of its kind in Central America and the Caribbean.

The Hydrobiological Station serves as a research and environmental work center for the strengthening of fish and shrimp stocks in the upper basin of the Changuinola River. It is equipped with laboratories, personnel and the equipment necessary to perform the breeding of fish or shrimp in captivity for repopulation purposes upstream from Changuinola. The station also offers some species, including fish and juvenile shrimp, for breeding by local entrepreneurs who can use the products for edible and commercial purposes. These activities contribute to the sustainability of the neighboring communities.


Repopulation of native species of fish and shrimp from the Changuinola River communities neighboring the Changuinola I Hydroelectric Power Plant


Ministry of Education (MEDUCA)