AES Panamá Strengthens Entrepreneurships in Nance de Riscó, Bocas del Toro

April 22, 2024

Representatives of the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES), the AES Panamá Foundation, local entrepreneurs and leaders of the Foundation “Alliance for the Development of the Corregimiento de Nance de Riscó and Valle de Riscó,” as well as AES partners in Changuinola and community members witnessed an important milestone in the day of delivery of entrepreneurship projects carried out on April 22 in Bajo Gavilán, a township of Nance de Risco.

These projects are part of the Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of Social Development and AES Changuinola, S.R.L., and mark the formalization of the support and supply of inputs by AES Panamá to strengthen five projects in the area of livestock and four commercial sales in the township of Nance de Riscó.

The president of AES Panamá, Miguel Bolinaga, expressed his gratitude and commitment to the communities neighboring the Changuinola I Hydroelectric Plant, highlighting the importance of continuous support for initiatives that promote well-being and equal opportunities.

“We are pleased to reaffirm our commitment to the communities close to our operations in Changuinola. Let's continue working together with determination and hope in building a more prosperous and equitable future for all,” said Bolinaga.

In his speech, Bolinaga highlighted the success of previous initiatives, noting that AES Panamá has completed the delivery of twenty-five entrepreneurship projects in collaboration with various government entities and social organizations. He stressed the importance of collaboration between government entities, social organizations and the private sector to achieve tangible and lasting results in the social and economic development of communities.

In addition, ongoing projects were highlighted, such as the Rural Electrification project, which seeks to provide electricity service to 521 families, and the Tilapia Delivery Program, which has provided nutrition to several communities in the sector.