Project name:

AES Mujer Emprendedora

Project location:

Colon, Panama

Sub-focus area:

Entrepreneurship/Job creation/Labor/Capacity Building

Women Entrepreneur is a social program that aims to educate woman in the technical capacities and skills to become a successful entrepreneur in their communities. This initiative was done in response to the high unemployment rate in the Colón province and the many small businesses and potential entrepreneurs that existed, particularly those belonging to women. The program wanted to tap into the potential that women entrepreneurs represent and how their success can impact other women and their communities, in line with UNSDG 8 and 5.

It is designed for women who have a business idea or who already operate a small business. During the program the women receive classes on general administration, informatics, marketing, accounting, ethics and the area of their preference including gastronomy, beauty and more. After months of preparation, the women who complete the program are given a small fund to kick-start their businesses.


20 women successfully completed 115 hours of education for developing their own business.


NGO Mujeres Colonenses en Camino