Miguel Bolinaga Serfaty

Market Business Leader, AES Panama

Miguel Bolinaga is the Country Manager and Market Business Leader for AES' businesses in Panama. He's held the post since June 2013 after acquiring vast experience in the regional and global energy sectors, specifically in the areas of electricity commercialization and distribution.

Prior to his arrival in Panama, he served as Commercial Corporate Director and later as Vice President of Electric Market and External Relations for AES in El Salvador, where the company holds 80% market share in electricity distribution services through four distributing companies serving more than one million end costumers.

Miguel previously worked at La Electricidad de Caracas (EDC), a company previously owned by AES, for seven years. He held positions in the commercial and distribution areas at EDC.

Miguel was part of the Armed Forces of Venezuela, occupying various ranks. Miguel obtained his bachelor's degree in administration and logistics from the Escuela Naval de Venezuela. He is also a Computer Engineer from the Higher Institute of Education of the Armed Forces of Venezuela, and holds a master's degree in information systems development from the Simón Bolívar University, a postgraduate degree in customer experience from the Higher Institute of Economics and Business Administration of El Salvador, a Diploma in Management from IESA (Venezuela) and the University of Darden and a certificate in business finance from FEPADE, in El Salvador.

Miguel is currently president of the Board of Directors of United Way Panama, he is also Director of the Board of Directors of The American Chamber of Commerce Panama (AMCHAM), Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE), Industrial Union (SIP), Panamanian Association Generators (ANPAG), The World Energy Council Panama (WEC) and the Venezuelan Panamanian Chamber (CEPAVEN) and Director of the generating companies of AES in Panama.

Miguel is originally from Venezuela and began his career at AES in 2002. Since 2013, he has lived in Panama City with his wife and three children. Miguel's hobbies include reading historical facts, going to the beach, camping, playing volleyball, and grilling with his children.