Jaime Burguete

Vice President, Business Development

As Vice President of Business Development for AES in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean (MCAC), Jaime Burguete leads renewable growth in this region by creating a portfolio of projects that allows us to meet the energy goals of our clients: be 100% carbon-free.

Jaime joined AES in 2018. Through his leadership, AES has been promoting a new strategy and digital vision mainly that impacts all aspects of our business development process. The standardization of processes and the digitization of the business development process have the same objective; accelerate the future of energy with our customers.

With fourteen years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Jaime has a solid track record leading the business development strategy, as well as growth, in 11 different countries in five different renewables technologies. Prior to AES, Jaime served as leader of the lnvenergy LLC Central-America, Colombia, and the Caribbean BD and M&A activities, a US privately-held generation company.

Jaime earned a bachelors degree in Business Administration at Anglia P. University of Cambridge, England, and completed an executive MBA program at IE Business School Madrid, Spain. He also completed a wind energy specialist program at ETS Industrial Engineering School. Madrid.

He currently lives in Mexico City with his wife Paloma and their four children. Jaime loves spending time with his family, enjoys playing golf and tennis, traveling, and taking walks with his beagle dog, Taco.