Island Power

It is an electricity generation company that manages 18 isolated systems to provide electricity in remote areas of the Panamanian territory. With a total of approximately 28 MW, IPSA relies on AES to supply natural gas for its main generation points in Santa Fe and Torti, in eastern Panama in the Darien province.


Island Power's visionary investments will replace diesel and heavy fuel oil generation in these towns. Thus, bringing to isolated communities the benefits of a reliable electricity supply using a fuel with less CO2 emissions, without particulate emissions, without sulfur and with less noise. Improving air conditions in the communities and benefiting the general living conditions of the inhabitants.

The province's population is characterized by being scarce, dispersed and heterogeneous, and is in numerous small populated centers linked to the water courses. Very significant migratory flows to and from the province are permanently registered.

The population is made up mainly of mulattoes, Chocoanos, indigenous people, and settlers from other areas of Panama. Approximately 60% of this population lives in 523 populated centers of less than 500 inhabitants each.

The social conditions of this population are lower than the national averages. Illiteracy reaches 47.5% and despite the efforts made have been maintained by the constant migration of people to the province in such condition; the global mortality rate reaches 7.5 per thousand and infant mortality at 50 per 1000 live births.

Of a total of 4 623 existing private homes, 76.1% had no drinking water, 78% lacked hygienic services and 87% had electricity.

The small size of the agricultural holdings, their low technological level and the difficulties in transporting and marketing the production is associated with the low standard of living of the Darien population. Only some logging and sawmills are business-oriented.

The main crops produced in the province are: corn, rice, plantains, bananas, cassava, yams, and beans. Within the foot-and-mouth disease eradication scheme, cattle (hybrid with zebu blood) and pasture cultivation have increased significantly in recent years.

Cutting edge technology

IPSA brings the latest technology for the storage and regasification of LNG to the communities. The company installed two satellite regasification plants with the highest quality standards. 

Logistical challenge

The IPSA plants are in remote areas of Panama, more than 4 hours from the AES Colón plant. This operation demonstrates the versatility of LNG and the logistical possibilities of this fuel. 


Guillermo de Roux, President of Tropigas Natural, Senior Partner of IPSA: 

“We are committed to the Panamanians to bring the cleanest fuel possible to the less favored populations. Together with AES, we have managed to lay the first stone in the energy transition in Central America "