Gilberto Toro

Community and Social Engagement Manager

Gilberto studied Administration, Popular Education and Social Investigation at Universidad de Santa María la Antigua in Panamá, additionally he holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Tourism.

He holds vast experience as a consultant and advisor in social and community engagement in the country. Gilberto joined AES in 2016 as part of the Colón team.

“In my long career, today, I have truly experienced what it is like to be part of a company where the practice of its values is real, where inclusion is practiced, respect for the different life styles and beliefs is manifested, recognition is shared, gender equality is lived, and opportunities and rights are exerted and expressed for those who are part of these labor climate called AES. Since my arrival to the company I have been a true witness that, from the top leadership to the last colleague in a chain, AES people manifest respect and recognition of ideas, appearances, clothes and life styles”.

Additionally, Gilberto expresses that “in this COVID-19 pandemic, that apparently came to give us all a lesson, related to the respect of living a life in balance between ourselves and everything that is part of our natural environment, it teaches us that no one is superior, and that we are all vulnerable; without distinction to social class, economic status or skin color. When mother nature manifests itself for being affected it can destroy us, and there is nothing or very little that we can do about it. There lies the real importance of these subjects, concepts and values if we really want to transcend as what we are, the Human Race.