Do you think about your energy? We do.

Let AES be your personal energy expert.

My Energy  benefits:

Be a leader in your industry

Save time

Make your business more competitive

My Energy features:

Understand your bills faster
  • Compare bills
  • Discover trends for managing your budget
Simple and easy tool that manages the use and cost of energy
  • Self-serve data at your fingertips
  • Easy to use and for extracting information
See where you use energy
  • View your energy consumption breakdown
  • Understand how temperature affects its use

My Energy can answer …


How much energy does my business use on lighting? General operations?


At what time of day do I use the most energy?
How are my energy costs trending over time?
Why is my bill this month higher than my other bills?
Is my business effectively shutting down after hours, on weekends and holidays?