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    First liquified natural gas distribution contract for Panama and Costa Rica

    First liquified natural gas distribution contract for Panama and Costa Rica
    • With this agreement, liquified natural gas will be supplied through lorry tanks for national and regional distribution.

    Panama, June 4th, 2020 – Colon LNG Marketing (1) and Tropigas Natural S.A. (2) signed the first contract for the supply of liquified natural gas (LNG) through lorry tanks for the markets of Panama and Costa Rica.

    The agreement which initiated on June 1st, allows for the adoption and use of a cleaner fossil fuel to deliver energy solutions for any type of industry such as food, beverage, manufacturing, energy generation, commercial establishments, ground & maritime transport, and the hospitality industry.

    Miguel Bolinaga, President of AES in Panamá, manifested “we feel pleased with this important LNG distribution agreement that will allow us, together with our partner, to provide a new fuel for Panama and Costa Rica that will open new opportunities for the local and regional economies.”

    “With this distribution agreement we are aiming to supply the growing demand that the local and regional markets have for producing goods and services through more environmentally friendly fuels, as well as generating opportunities for the development of businesses associated with this new fuel”, highlighted Guillermo de Roux , General Manager of Tropigas S.A., part of the Tropigas group, conglomerate of 100% Panamanian capital.

    The investment of AES Colon amounts to 1,150 Million Dollars and includes a power plant, a regasification terminal, a 180,000 m3 gas storage tank, a jetty with a capacity to receive ships from 3,000 up to 160,000 m3, and a truck loading station for the distribution of liquified natural gas.


    1. (1)  Colon LNG Marketing is an association between AES Corporation, Inversiones Bahía and the french multinational TOTAL.

    2. (2)  Tropigas Natural, S.A. is a company of the Tropigas Business Group.

    About AES Colón

    AES Colón, with an investment of $1,150 Million, achieves its commitment of developing infrastructure solutions and more environmentally friendly energy projects, through which it has achieved a reduction of CO2 emissions for nearly 16 million tons. For more information:
    Twitter: @aespanama Facebook: @AES.PTY

    About Tropigas NaturalAbout Tropigas Natural, part of the conglomerate formed by Tropigas, Bambito, Petroport and Enesa, all of them proudly formed from Panamanian Capital; with more than 60 years of experience in the management and commercialization of gas, incorporating in the last decade divisions for water and energy. From its beginnings this business group has maintained a constant growth, contributing to the economic and social development of the country.

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